JavaScript Development with modern Technologies

Plans for study

May be later

  • [Zachary Reece] Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS [ENG, 2020] (No source codes, please share sources if you have)

  • [ReactSecurity] Advanced React Security Patterns [ENG, 2020?]

  • [ReactTraining] Learn React Hooks By Building A Real Application [ENG, 2020]

  • [Ryan Dhungel] MERN React Node Next.js Multi User SEO Blogging Platform [ENG, 2020]

  • [Filip Jerga] Next.js and Apollo - Portfolio App (w/ React, GraphQL, Node)

  • [] Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL [ENG, 2020] (Will be updated in 2020 by author)

Possible can be interesting

  • _ [Stephen Grider] GraphQL with React: The Complete Developers Guide [ENG, 2019 Update]

  • [John Smilga] React Tutorial and Projects Course

  • [Stephen Grider] Node JS: Advanced Concepts [ENG, 2019 Update]

  • _ [Stephen Grider] Modern React with Redux [ENG, 2019 Update]

  • [Stephen Grider] Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide [ENG, 2018]

  • [David Joseph Katz] Master Full-Stack Web Development | Node, SQL, React, & More [ENG, 2018]

  • [Reed Barger] Universal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide [ENG, 2018]

  • [Stephen Grider] Machine Learning with Javascript [ENG, 2018]

  • [Tim Ermilov] - Exploring Docker images optimizations for Node.js [ENG, 2018]

  • [Stephen Grider] Electron for Desktop Apps: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2017, ENG]

  • [Stephen Grider] The Complete React Native and Redux Course [ENG]

  • [Stephen Grider] React Native: Advanced Concepts [ENG]

  • [Traversy Media ] Build a Node.js App With Sequelize [ENG, 2018] -

  • [Stephen Grider] The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB [ENG]

  • [Stephen Grider] GraphQL with React: The Complete Developers Guide [ENG]

  • [Udemy] Design Patterns with JavaScript ES5/6 and Node.js From zero [ENG]
  • [Udemy] React - Mastering Test Driven Development [ENG]

  • [Packtpub] Professional Node.js

  • Pluralsight - API Design in Node.js Featuring Express Mongo

  • Learn How to Use Closures in Javascipt Eduonix
  • Learning Microservices With Express.js & MongoDB -
  • BxJS - Building a high-availability chat with Node.js, Redis and Docker -
  • Simple Machine Learning With JavaScript - Brain.js -
  • [ Sasha Vodnik] JavaScript: Closures [ENG, 2018]
  • [Lynda] Node.js: Design Patterns [ENG, 2018]

  • Blockchain Development With NodeJS (
  • Learn Angular 5 in 30 minutes Eduonix (
  • Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners - USING JAVASCRIPT! (


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Oracle MOOC: Introduction to NodeJS Using Oracle Cloud (2018)

This video course can help to start working with node.js with oracle db