Oracle MOOC: Introduction to NodeJS Using Oracle Cloud (2018) - Week 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to NodeJS Microservices in Oracle Cloud

In this week you will learn the basics of the microservices architecture and JavaScript language. You will also learn how to run code with the NodeJS command line.

In this module you will write server applications using the Oracle Application Express framework and interact with the services using a REST client. Microservices complies with Oracle Cloud requirements (environment variables).

To understand more about NodeJS Microservices, let’s begin the first week of our journey in this 3 week MOOC!

This week covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to MicroServices
  • Benefits and features of NodeJS
  • Using the Oracle Developer Virtual Machine
  • Coding Node.JS Microservices for Oracle Cloud
  • Testing services with the Virtual Machine tools

Video instructions along with homework guide you through the NodeJS Microservices concepts. The videos and tutorials are listed sequentially, and we recommend you use the instructional materials in that order. At the end of each lesson, don’t forget to take the quiz.

If you are logged in and as you progress through the materials, review the Progress tab to track your progress. Don’t hesitate to ask a question in the NodeJS MOOC community.

The code demonstrated in this week is available in the references section of this week or you may download directly from this link.


Instructional Materials

Introduction to NodeJS Microservices in Oracle Cloud

1.1 Introduction to Microservices 4 min

1.2 The Oracle VM environment 5 min

1.3 Troubleshooting the VM 2 min

1.4 NodeJS installation 2 min

1.5 Introduction to NodeJS and REPL 5 min

1.6 Creating NodeJS Web Services 9 min

1.7 Exchanging data with JSON 6 min

1.8 Introduction to HTTP and REST 7 min

1.9 Testing Services with CURL 3 min

1.10 Creating NodeJS HTTP Services with Express 6 min

1.11 Testing Services With RESTClient 5 min

NodeJS MOOC - Homework 1 (PDF) (nodejs-homework-week-1.pdf)