Oracle MOOC: Introduction to NodeJS Using Oracle Cloud (2018)

Description In this course you will learn to create cloud-ready RESTful NodeJS Microservice applications for deployment to Oracle Cloud Service. In our course videos, you will learn how to access an Oracle Database and configure Oracle Developer Cloud Service to build and deploy an application to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

Microservice cloud-ready applications take the concept of distributed system applications further by completely decoupling application services. Each cloud-ready microservice is a fully independent application with well defined input and output exposed only through RESTful endpoints. The result is a system where any single service can be scaled, replaced and linked to additional services, such as caching, without any architectural changes.

You will learn how to:

  • Create and source control their NodeJS projects in Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Identify the architecture of microservices web applications
  • Create microservices with NodeJS, Express and the Oracle NodeJS Database Driver
  • Deploy applications to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service services, such as caching, without any architectural changes.


  • Familiarity with JavaScript programming language
  • Basic Web concepts of the HTTP protocol
  • Ability to use a text editor like GEdit, Atom, VIM, notepad++ or a JavaScript enabled IDE
  • Basic ability to run command line tools

Required Software

  • VirtualBox
  • Oracle Developer VM